Cause4 Philanthropy Event Live

7 June 2011 | By Cause4 staff

2:30 Welcome to the Cause4 Philanthropy Event live from Forsters, in Mayfair. First up we have Thomas Hughes-Hallett (T-H-H), Chair of the Philanthropy Review. You can also follow my colleague, Michelle Wright who is tweeting live from the event.

2:40 Thomas Hughes-Hallett ready to address the audience.

2:50 Thomas Hughes-Hallett points out that those who are the worst off give four times as much.

'The number of households who give is decreasing year on year.'

3:02 Main purpose of the Philanthropy Review - Grow the amount of money given by residents in the UK - currently stands at £10.6 Billion.

3:05 'Private advisors and private banks need to address the way they discuss giving with clients.'

3:07 He states the importance of educating children on giving, particularly within schools.

3:12 Thomas Hughes-Hallett calls on every mainstream bank to introduce charity banking, to help make giving the norm.

3:18 Mentions his dismay at how the Government has missed its chance with Living Legacies.

3:25 Philanthropy Review will issue a ‘call to action’ to Government to get behind philanthropy.

3:30 After a great speech, we have Harvey McGrath and Lloyd Dorfman up next.

3:35 Harvey McGrath and Lloyd Dorfman ready to address the panel:

3:40 Harvey McGrath (HM), Chairman of Prudential begins to address our audience.

3:42 HM says if you have time, skills and money then you have an obligation to give something back.

3:45 HM stresses skills, relationships and capacity building are key to giving back to society.

3:49 HM states the importance of taking good practice, policy and strategy to a higher level. He gives us examples within education. By the way for those of you who may not be too familiar with HM's background worth taking a look at this.

3:55 HM says he bases his approach to philanthropy on his business background in order to get tangible and effective outcomes.

4:01 Now Lloyd Dorfman (LD), who founded Travelex at the age of just 24! He begins by pointing out his own philanthropy has been a journey.

Michelle Wright via Twitter ' LD states that whilst giving has decreased, corporates+individuals are still holding their own in achieving impact within society'


4:12 LD says passion and interest have had a huge impact in which charities he supports.

4:17 LD says at the end of the day we give to what we feel strongly about, there is no magic formula for how you should give.

And with those thoughts that ends our live coverage of the event, thanks for listening.

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"The course was informative, enjoyable, covering plenty of ground in just one day without feeling rushed at all. It came at a crucial time in our planning and thinking as a development team and was a very welcome pause for thought. Michelle was a brilliant facilitator and it was a real benefit to hear about her experiences across the sector."

Jane Reynolds, Development Manager, Manchester International Festival

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