Celebrating Trustees in Honour of Trustees Week

12 November 2018 | By Cause4 staff

Back in May Cause4 decided to start showcasing our top monthly picks for those people we feel have been showcasing pure excellence as charity leaders, entrepreneurs, Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy Fellows, and of course charity Trustees. Since then, we have published seven blogs, highlighting the work of 28 people.

As this week is Trustees Week – a fantastic annual event showcasing the great work that Trustees do – we thought it would be a good opportunity to bring back to the limelight all of those Trustees we have celebrated this last year.


Trustee of the Month – May

Our first Trustee of the Month began in May 2018, where we announced that Trustee Leadership Programme alumnus and Trustee of Shivia, Deepak Arora, was Cause4’s Trustee of the Month.

Deepak’s legal expertise and desire to help South Asian communities led him directly to Shivia, a charity focused on improving livelihoods in West Bengal, which quite serendipitously happened to be a charity Deepak helped set up when he was doing his training contract.

After reconnecting with familiar faces, Deepak was quickly on-boarded, and has enjoyed the substantial impact he has been able to make to date.

Deepak has found the experience of being a Trustee “incredibly fulfilling” … and says to anyone considering Trusteeship “Enjoy it. You will benefit professionally, whatever your profession is, and personally as well”.

You can follow Shivia on Twitter here: @Shiviatweets


Trustee of the Month – June

In June we announced that Trustee Leadership Programme alumnus and Trustee of Burnley Youth Theatre, Alex Mayer, was Cause4’s Trustee of the Month

Alex is the Deputy Director of Development at the Royal College of Music and went on the Trustee Leadership Programme in 2016.

Alex wanted to utilise her fundraising skills, as she knew that many charities were looking for Trustees with that specific expertise. After the course Alex felt confident enough to seek out a Trustee position and found that she was able to arrive and start contributing to Board meetings straight away.

Alex said “I’m really enjoying being a Trustee. It feels like there are lots of opportunities to make a difference and there’s been a lot of learning”. 

You can follow Burnley Youth Theatre on Twitter here: @BurnleyYT


Trustee of the Month – July

July saw Trustee Leadership Programme alumnus and Trustee of Peace Brigades International, Jason Hurwitz, as Cause4’s Trustee of the Month.

Jason is the Head of Strategy for a British Bank and went on the Trustee Leadership Programme in 2016.

Jason was driven to become a Trustee by the energy and will to do something more than his job, as he wanted to be able to give back and contribute something. After the course Jason connected with a fellow attendee who was a Trustee of Peace Brigades International, and subsequently joined the Board as well.

Through his position Jason has learnt a great deal about human rights which he has found very interesting.

He says the experience has been “A challenge in many ways but it is certainly rewarding in terms of spending time and effort doing something that’s different to your day job and is making a difference to people and organisations in a very different sphere."


Trustee of the Month – August

August’s Trustee of the Month was Trustee Leadership Programme alumnus and Trustee of Headway SELNWK, Lenna Lou.

Lenna is a Business Strategy consultant for start-ups and mature firms and went on the Trustee Leadership Programme and the first Emerging Chairs Programme in 2017. Lenna had always wanted to give something back. After the course she became a Trustee of Headway SELNWK, as she thought this was a charity that would benefit from her skills, and where she could really make a difference.

Since becoming a Trustee, Lenna has realised that everybody has something to give to a charity, and encourages everyone, no matter what background they have, to become a Trustee.

She has absolutely loved being a Trustee and was asked to become the future Chair within her first few months in the role “I really enjoy it, it’s so fulfilling, it’s amazing. I didn’t realise how much enjoyment I’d have”.

You can follow Headway SELNWK on Twitter here: @HeadwaySELNWK


Trustee of the Month – September

In September we chose Trustee Leadership Programme alumnus and Trustee of The Renaissance Foundation, Tom Gayner, as Cause4’s Trustee of the Month.

Tom is a Business Development and Marketing Manager and joined the programme as he knew that being a Trustee involved responsibilities that couldn’t just be learnt on the job. As a Trustee, Tom has linked his skills to the charity’s needs and gone on to meet ‘really interesting people’. 

Tom is loving his role as a Trustee, stating ‘the impact that you have as one person is incredibly significant’.

You can follow The Renaissance Foundation on Twitter here: @RF_Tweets


Trustee of the Month – October

In October we were thrilled to say that Trustee Leadership Programme alumnus and Trustee and Chair of The Squad, Jessica Raza, was Cause4’s Trustee of the Month.

Jessica is a corporate lawyer and went on the Trustee Leadership Programme as she was looking for a way to give back beyond volunteering or donating. Jessica has found her experience as a Trustee rewarding and says she is looking forward to seeing where the charity goes from here:

“I’m glad I took it on, I’ve learned an awful lot very quickly, I was thrown in the deep end a bit. I feel I’ve gained a lot in terms of my own professional skills.”

Her advice for anybody taking on a Trustee position is to take your time to get to know the Board, the charity, and really understand the financial model of the organisation before you join.

You can follow The Squad, on Twitter here: @The_Squad_Club


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