Case Study: Holborn Community Association

The Challenge

Holborn Community Association (HCA, reg. number 801064) is a community anchor organisation based in the heart of Holborn. 

The charity is undertaking a major capital redevelopment of its local community centre, which supports a diverse community. The centre is no longer fit-for-purpose and the charity needs to raise £3.7million to make the building a state-of-the-art community facility.

We need to raise £3.7 million to transform our dilapidated community centre into a state-of-the-art facility.

How we helped a local organisation raise enough funds to redevelop its community centre into a vibrant hub fit for a diverse community.


Actions Taken

Fundraising Strategy Developed

Case for Support created and bold campaign implemented

Potential funders identified and approached



Raised £850,000 in just 12 months

Successful partnerships developed

Capital plans started