Close Brothers Asset Management to train new cohort of arts charity Trustees

15th September, 2015

This week, Close Brothers Asset Management (CBAM) launches the third round of its successful Trustee Leadership Programme.

The programme works to support and develop charities in need of greater support on their governing bodies by pairing them with skilled individuals interested in supporting charities as Trustees. The latest development of the programme focusses specifically on gaps within the arts, culture and museum sectors.

Through a partnership with pioneering social enterprise Cause4 and in conjunction with the Clothworkers’ Company, the Trustee Leadership programme, one of a number of offerings within Close Brothers’ philanthropy service, gives professionals of all ages the confidence and know-how that they need to join an arts charity as a Trustee. The programme covers the regulatory issues involved, financial management and strategic planning.

Running across five evenings over a three month period, the programme also includes insights from charity experts from the arts and culture sector and concludes with a final ‘matching event.’ On this evening, potential Trustees are paired according to their own skills and interests with charities looking to fulfil Trustee roles.

The sessions are structured around the central question “How can I become an effective Board member in the Arts?” and participants are encouraged to understand the unique challenges faced by Trustees in the arts sector and to identify how to overcome them.

The programme forms part of CBAM’s wider Philanthropic Service, which is dedicated to guiding charities, entrepreneurs and philanthropic organisations and helping them with their investment decisions. CBAM also runs a broader educational programme, which includes financial advice to senior executives, initiatives such as its Future Leaders Programme and Next Generation Training Programme, and financial planning, retirement and investment seminars.

Penny Lovell, Head of Private Client Services, Close Brothers Asset Management, said:  “We have now had two very successful rounds of our Trustee Leadership Programme and, as a natural progression of our long-standing work with charities, we are turning our focus to the arts world. In any charity sector, having a strong board of tTustees is paramount if it is to grow and improve its offering, and arts charities are crying out for motivated people who can offer fresh insight and energy to their management. However, it can often be a struggle to recruit at Trustee level, particularly when it comes to the arts, as many will not realise the roles available to them. It’s therefore vital that we support these individuals to find areas that match their skills, and ensure that the charities themselves are able to develop.

“This programme has been created by staff as more than just a generic philanthropy service, and is something both staff and clients feel engaged with and passionate about. But it also goes beyond our charity clients - we are working with all charities, and believe this will have a significant impact on the sector in time.”

Michelle Wright, CEO of Cause4 says: “The vision to create this programme by Close Brothers and the support of the Clothworker’s Company has been phenomenal. In creating a programme that covers the key elements of Trusteeship, along with the chance for candidates to meet a range of charities we have uncovered a real appetite from employees working in the City and beyond to become Trustees. We are inundated with applications to the programme, with many participants having wanted to become Trustees for a while, but having found themselves unable to break in to these charity roles. Similarly, we know that some 50% of charities have vacancies on their Boards, so it really is a match made in heaven.

We look forward to running further programmes and are also looking at new initiatives such as a programme for Emerging Chairs, to support those wanting to take up governance leadership roles in the future”.

The course runs from the 1st September to 17th November 2015.

Tuesday 1 September: Overview of the Arts Sector and the Importance of Trustees

Wednesday 23 September: Governance and Strategic Planning

Tuesday 6 October: Financial Management

Tuesday 27 October: An Introduction to Fundraising in the Arts

Tuesday 17 November: Meet Charity Leaders seeking new Trustees

The full press release can be viewed here.

"The course was informative, enjoyable, covering plenty of ground in just one day without feeling rushed at all. It came at a crucial time in our planning and thinking as a development team and was a very welcome pause for thought. Michelle was a brilliant facilitator and it was a real benefit to hear about her experiences across the sector."

Jane Reynolds, Development Manager, Manchester International Festival