ESA Arts Certificate - Brand new Arts and Culture Course

25th June, 2015

The first-ever dedicated arts and culture certificate in sponsorship – The ESA Arts Certificate – has been launched by the European Sponsorship Association (ESA) in partnership with Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy and Cause4.

This new course will enhance knowledge of how sponsorship works and will assist the arts sector in generating funds from the commercial sector in this much changed environment for corporate sponsorship. It is aimed primarily at arts sponsorship and fundraising professionals, arts and culture practitioners and those fundraisers with aspirations to work in the arts.

The ESA Arts Certificate will run for three months (12 weeks), starting from the middle of September 2015, and will be facilitated via a web-based distance-learning platform. It will be supported by several evening seminars where leading industry figures will reinforce and demonstrate the content that is available via the course syllabus.

Full details of the ESA Arts Certificate are on the ESA website where you can register your interest and/or download an enrolment form.

ESA Chairman, Karen Earl, said, “We’re delighted to be working with Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy and Cause4 to bring this new online qualification to the arts sector of the sponsorship industry. The Certificate follows the success of the ESA Diploma launched four years ago. This online course is ideal for those already working in the arts who want to expand their knowledge and are willing to learn in their free time.”

Michelle Wright, CEO of Cause4 said: “The ESA Arts Certificate will provide the tools for those in the arts and cultural sectors to develop stronger partnerships with business and to attract and develop wider income streams via effective commercial partnerships. It will equip practitioners with more confidence and resilience and enable them to form more effective and mutually beneficial commercial relationships. The learnings gained from ESA having run the more in-depth Diploma have proven extremely beneficial in the way that we’ve structured this Certificate bespoke for the arts sector and to adapt to a much-changed commercial environment.”

ESA Arts Certificate Director, Peter Raymond, added: “Our aim is to create a new, must-have qualification for those practitioners in the Arts that deal with commercial relationships. Undertaking the Certificate will provide vital learning for all those wishing to know how to make sponsorship an integral part of a successful business model. We are confident that this new venture will prove as successful as the ESA Diploma which continues to go from strength to strength.”

Arts Council England’s Director of Philanthropy, Clare Titley, welcomed the launch of the ESA Arts Certificate: “The world of corporate sponsorship is changing and arts and cultural organisations need to adapt to move forward.  We’re delighted that through our support of the Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy programme, people working in the sector will now be able to access this highly respected course and develop their skills and confidence in order to continue successfully building partnerships with business. ‘Arts and culture in this country thrives on a mixed funding model of earned income, donations and public investment, and all these elements need to be in place for arts and culture to succeed.”

The development of the course has benefitted from funding from Arts Council of England via the Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy programme.

Download the ESA Arts Certificate press release

“Cause4 has had a transformational effect on the Festival, at the level of innovation in organisational development, as well as in fundraising.”

Chris Martin, Trustee of Salisbury International Festival