Michelle Comments for Just Average Jen

6th December, 2017

Easy Ways to Help Charities this Christmas

In this blog, Just Jen gives her ideas for 24 ways to help charities this Christmas without breaking the bank.

Amongst her brilliant suggestions is one idea from Cause4's CEO, Michelle Wright.

Sparing your time

Become a trustee for a charity - There has been some research by The Charity Commision that says not many people under 30 are becoming charity trustees, Cause4 is an organisation that helps charities to grow and say that there are so many skills young people have they could bring to a charity and not only that but it looks great on your CV too so worth a thought.

You can read the full article here!

“Cause4 is an excellent organisation, well connected and clear in its ability to shape and advise. They offer challenge, and will steer stakeholders with diplomacy while holding a clear line on what will move the organisation towards its goals.”

Simon Larter-Evans, Headmaster, St Paul’s Cathedral School