Michelle Wright keynote speaker at the Association of European Conservatoires’ ‘The Musician as Creative Entrepreneur’ conference

16th September, 2014

Cause4 CEO, Michelle Wright, is the keynote speaker at this weekend’s The Musician as Creative Entrepreneur conference for the Association of European Conservatoires.

The conference will serve as a conclusion to the three-year EU-funded ‘Polifonia Project’, and more specifically the working group dedicated to ‘Educating for Entrepreneurship in Music’.

Students, teachers, Conservatoire Directors and music professionals from across Europe will come together to learn about, reflect upon, and imagine the extensive possibilities offered by the many facets of musical entrepreneurship.

Michelle has been selected due to her accomplishments as a violinist and as the founder of social enterprise Cause4 and the development of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama Creative Entrepreneurs scheme, which supports top actors and musicians to set up their own businesses.

Her speech will focus on the musician as master of their own destiny. Through skilful development of a ‘portfolio’ career and the cultivation of an entrepreneurial mindset, musicians can develop long-term, rewarding and diverse careers with artistic practice embedded right at the heart of local communities.

“The Creative Entrepreneurship Scheme completely rewired my brain.”

Ruth Mariner, Gestalt Arts