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Cause4's Pick of the Month - September 2019

4th September, 2019 | By Naomi Chapman

Cause4's September Pick of the Month

How can we better support families setting up charities ‘in memoriam’

20th February, 2019 | By Tom Hoyle

For four years a discussion paper has circulated within Cause4 that grapples with how best to serve charities forged in tragedy. We’ve publishing a distilled version of this analysis to shed light on a collection of charities (who are strangers to each other) which we consider rather special for society for their compelling messages but also their extra vulnerability. 


Further reaction from our Philanthropy Event

20th June, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

The second in a series of interviews from leading figures attending our Philanthropy Event.

Social Enterprises – the growth quandary

16th June, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

In February 2011 Government launched Growing the Social Investment Market: A vision and strategy - a six-point framework starting with ‘enabling’ actions and leading to more direct intervention including consideration of tax incentives to encourage social investment. It is clearly positive to encourage a thriving social investment market where social ventures can find access to the capital they need to grow, together with a strategy to make it happen.

Building a giving culture

15th June, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

Insights into the Cause4 Philanthropy Event

15th June, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

Following our successful Philanthropy Event, below is the first in a series of interviews from leading figures attending the event.

Imagination please - Titan philanthropists

10th June, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

Journalist Zoe Williams in the Guardian on Thursday 10 June writes about the vulgarity of the Ark Gala Ball. Tickets are £10,000 each and with the event attended by A-listers such as the newly married Duke and Duchess of Cambridge this is most definitely a ‘spectacle’ of big beast philanthropy.


Cameron and Obama - two minds greater than one...?

10th June, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

Last month, during President Obama’s first official state visit to Britain, it was stated that the USA and United Kingdom will draw upon joint knowledge and expertise in a bid to strengthen global volunteering and community engagement.

Government has failed to make a strong case for giving

8th June, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

Worth taking a look at Ellie Brodie's article on today's Guardian voluntary network sector blog. She suggests that The White Paper on Giving fails to explain why people should give their time and money. We would be interested to hear whether or not you think she is correct?

Cause4 Philanthropy Event Live

7th June, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

2:30 Welcome to the Cause4 Philanthropy Event live from Forsters, in Mayfair. First up we have Thomas Hughes-Hallett (T-H-H), Chair of the Philanthropy Review.

UK giving still has a long way to go

7th June, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

Very interesting piece by Plum Lomax on the Giving White Paper which she has allowed us to repost. Plum works in the consulting and communications teams at New Philanthropy Capital.



Hughes-Hallett, Dorfman and McGrath revealed as keynote speakers for Cause4 Philanthropy Event

6th June, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

Thomas Hughes-Hallett, Lloyd Dorfman and Harvey McGrath were today revealed as the keynote speakers for Cause4's philanthropy seminar 'My Kind of Philanthropy'.