Cause4 prioritizes developing work in partnership with organisations to achieve national impact – we are pleased to be working with UoL and AMA to deliver the Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy Programme, Close Brothers Asset Management and the Clothworkers Company to realise the Trustee Leadership Programme, the Guildhall School of Music & Drama to run the Creative Entrepreneurs Programme and the Peter Sowerby Foundation to deliver a number of wide-reaching developments in health innovation.


"Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy has changed the game for arts fundraising as Clore did for leadership.”

Phil Gibby, Director Arts Councl England, South West










“Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy has changed the game for arts fundraising as Clore did for leadership.”

Phil Gibby, Director Arts Council England, South West


Aesop, standing for ‘Arts Enterprise with a Social Purpose’, is an arts charity and social enterprise that runs a series of initiatives, including a National Arts and Health Conference and Showcase and the Dance to Health programme, which responds to the issue of older people’s falls, which cost the NHS £2.3 billion a year.

Aesop was seeking support to expand to raise £2.1 million for expansion of Dance to Health

How Cause4 helped a leading arts charity and social enterprise expand a transformational dance programme.

Michelle writes for trainingZONE

7 January 2019

Tom Corley, whose list of best-selling books includes ‘Rich Habits’, ‘Change your Habits, Change your Life; and ‘Rich Habits, Poor Habits’, spent five years studying self-made millionaires.  What he found is that success couldn’t be attributed to a good start in life, loving support from family and friends or even hard work. Of course, all that helps, but the single biggest element that connected the successful people he met was their commitment to reading.  In fact, 86% of the successful people he met said they read - books, articles, blogs, journals.  And 63% listened to audiobooks during their daily commute.  But how can people seemingly as busy as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama find time to sit down and read?  Welcome to the Five Hour Rule.


Michelle writes for WeAreTheCity

2 January 2019

As an entrepreneur of a small growing business I often get asked how I find the energy to do what’s needed.

It’s not something I can answer easily and fundamentally it’s the wrong question.  As Cause4 is coming up to its tenth anniversary, having employed hundreds of staff and graduates, it’s clear that physical energy levels often aren’t the issue.  Like all SMEs, it’s more likely that mental health is the area that needs our focus.  A truly sustainable business is one that prioritises mental health.