Our impact

Cause4 measures its social impact based on the level of income achieved for clients, and supporting organisations to grow so that they can reach more beneficiaries, more effectively. 

Our commitment to lifelong learning means that we also track the careers of the graduates we invest in and our staff. Our aim is for Cause4 to support individuals to go on to have brilliant careers in the charitable sector and beyond.



"Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy has changed the game for arts fundraising as Clore did for leadership."

Phil Gibby, Director Arts Council England, South West


Photo Credit: Debate Mate


Photo Credit: Debate Mate

“We are pleased to support the development of these materials, through Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy, to provide a comprehensive bank of knowledge and experience that can be easily accessed by leaders of arts organisations and practitioners, both in the UK and internationally. One of our priorities at the Arts Council is to help arts and cultural organisations become more resilient and sustainable as they explore new revenue streams.”

Sir Nicholas Serota, Chair of ACE


Aesop, standing for ‘Arts Enterprise with a Social Purpose’, is an arts charity and social enterprise. Aesop was seeking support to expand this programme and needed to raise £2.1 million in order to achieve this ambitious goal.

Michelle comments for CircleSq.

22 February 2019

A charity’s Trustees have overall control of the charity and are responsible for making sure it’s doing what it was set up to do. Charities are often on the lookout for talented Trustees able to give them their time and expertise. It can be incredibly gratifying, but it is also hard work, emphasises Michelle Wright, the CEO of Cause4, an organisation that she set up to help charities to thrive.

Governance and Trustees

Michelle comments for RBS

21 February 2019

“When you say cost review at an SME people get frightened as they think it means job losses. But it can mean the opposite, reducing costs and freeing up cash for investment,”

Business planning