Our impact

Our Vision is dynamic change for social good. We specialise in fundraising, income generation and programme development. We partner with charities, philanthropists and corporations that want to make change.

Cause4 measures its social impact based on the level of income achieved for clients, and supporting organisations to grow so that they can reach more beneficiaries, more effectively.  Our commitment to lifelong learning means that we also track the careers of the graduates we invest in and our staff. Our aim is for Cause4 to support individuals to go on to have brilliant careers in the charitable sector and beyond.



Cause4 has been honoured by Silicon Valley Comes to the UK (SVC2UK) as one of the UK’s 50 hottest start ups that have successfully scaled up.

“Having Cause4 support with really clear strategic advice was extremely valuable, especially during such a period of growth and development at Trussell.”
Sophie Carre, Head of Corporate Fundraising, Trussell Trust



We've raised £1 million or more for clients on 
10 occasions, and have raised over £60 million for charities and causes since 2009.


Cause4 is one of the top 10 philanthropic companies in the UK. One of the most caring companies in Britain, as featured in the Real Business ‘Philanthropic 30’ report.

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