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The Value of Volunteers – In Response to Art Fund’s News

28th January, 2019 | By Laura Gabe

With the news that Art Fund is disbanding its volunteer programme, many have questioned the value of volunteer programmes. However, at Cause4 we see the real value in volunteer support, for individuals and companies and we’re scratching our heads as to why the Art Fund would make such a move.

The 2019 Charity Digital Skills Report highlights urgent need to develop tech-savvy Boards

20th June, 2019 | By Poppy Facer

For three years now, the Skills Platform, in partnership with Zoe Amar Digital has released a national report to assess digital competence across the charity sector. This year's survey received 540 responses from charities with income ranging from below £10,000 to above £10million and disappointingly, several key points measured demonstrated very limited progress or a decline in overall digital skills and preparedness.

Cause4 Philanthropy Event Live

7th June, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

2:30 Welcome to the Cause4 Philanthropy Event live from Forsters, in Mayfair. First up we have Thomas Hughes-Hallett (T-H-H), Chair of the Philanthropy Review.

UK giving still has a long way to go

7th June, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

Very interesting piece by Plum Lomax on the Giving White Paper which she has allowed us to repost. Plum works in the consulting and communications teams at New Philanthropy Capital.



Hughes-Hallett, Dorfman and McGrath revealed as keynote speakers for Cause4 Philanthropy Event

6th June, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

Thomas Hughes-Hallett, Lloyd Dorfman and Harvey McGrath were today revealed as the keynote speakers for Cause4's philanthropy seminar 'My Kind of Philanthropy'.

The taxing reality of tax

6th June, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

New research, undertaken by financial services leader JP Morgan, has been released focusing on the motivations and barriers affecting philanthropist’s giving habits in the UK. The survey, which was conducted amongst 200 of JP Morgan Private Bank’s ultra high net worth clients, has collated the opinions of 78 respondents worth an estimated collective wealth of £6 billion.

Hats off to the new Education Endowment Fund

26th May, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

In November 2010 Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education, announced the Government’s allocation of £110 million to establish the Education Endowment Fund (EEF). Drawing upon President Barack Obama and Secretary Duncan’s ‘Race to the Top’ programme, which invites states to apply for funding to encourage bold approaches in schools across the country, the EEF will seek innovative proposals from schools, teachers, local authorities and charities in a bid to improve performance within the country’s lowest performing schools.

Sunday Times Rich List reaction 2011

26th May, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

According to the Sunday Times rich list 2011, ‘Britain’s super-rich are making light of the age of austerity, achieving an 18% rise in their collective wealth over the past year.’ The 1,000 multimillionaires quoted in this year’s rich list are reportedly £60.2 billon wealthier than they were in 2010.

Living Legacies – Death by Omission?

26th May, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

Whilst applauding the government’s recognition of legacy giving, expressed through recent measures in the 2011 budget when it was announced that inheritance tax on estates leaving more than 10% to charity would be reduced to 36%, Cause4 is slightly surprised that the recent Government White Paper on Giving omits reference to Living Legacies – one of the hallmarks of US giving.

The Giving Summit

26th May, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

One of the most interesting proposals in the Government’s White Paper on Giving is its plan to channel the energy and creativity of multiple partners across society, including businesses, charities, faith groups, social enterprises, academia, philanthropists and others, by providing funding for game-changing ideas and a Giving Summit in the Autumn of 2011.

What now for Arts fundraisers?

16th May, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

In December 2010, when Jeremy Hunt announced plans to promote philanthropy amongst the arts, including his £80m matched fund scheme and ‘year of corporate giving’, two-thirds of arts companies welcomed the government’s plans, with 85% of the music and opera sectors strongly favouring the initiative.

So, four months on – how are developments unfolding? Research conducted by Arts Quarter as part of Culture 2020 based on the final figure of 587 recipients, are as follows:

Philanthropist of the month - Sir Steve Redgrave MBE CBE

16th May, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

Five times Olympian gold medallist Sir Steve Redgrave is one of the greatest athletes to grace sport.

Redgrave has recently set a new milestone in charitable fundraising earning the title of the London Marathon's top celebrity fundraiser. Redgrave raised well over £1.7m for the Steve Redgrave Trust from his participation in the 2006 Flora London Marathon.