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Looking Ahead: Cause4’s predictions for the charitable sector in 2019

14th December, 2018 | By Cause4 staff

2018 has been filled with some exciting developments as well as major challenges for the UK charitable sector. As the year comes to a close, the Cause4 team is looking to the future with their predictions for 2019.

Cause4's Pick of the Month - August 2019

1st August, 2019 | By Cause4 staff

It's a new month and the Cause4 team are excited to introduce another four inspiring individuals that are guiding the way in charity leadership, social entrepreneurship, Trusteeship and Arts Fundraising. Read on to meet our pick of the month for August. 

Is the Lottery too much of a Lottery?

18th July, 2010 | By Cause4 staff

Encouraging public philanthropy is high on the agenda for our new government. Nick Hurd, the Minister for Civil Society, urged the public last week ‘towards a higher level of generosity,’ citing 1% of income as a suggested sum to be donated to charitable causes.

The motivation of celebrity - altruism or column inches?

18th July, 2010 | By Cause4 staff

Prince Charles has just launched his 19th Charity – the Prince’s Countryside Fund. It aims to improve the sustainability of British farming by raising the profile of countryside issues with the general public and by providing emergency funding to farmers when crises occur.

Twitter and the art of story-telling

18th July, 2010 | By Cause4 staff

With current membership standing at 100 million users, the popularity of Twitter since its creation in 2006 is immense. Nor does the phenomenon shows any signs of slowing down.

Some charities are actively ‘tweeting’ whilst others for a variety of reasons - lack of technical ‘know how’, lack of resource, uncertainty, perceptions that ‘it’s all a bit silly’ – prefer to watch and wait.

Those charities deploying Twitter do so with variable success. Too often tweets are seemingly ‘off the cuff’ comments made carelessly without considering wider implications.

An impressive legacy for 1 Goal?

15th July, 2010 | By Cause4 staff

As the World Cup reached its conclusion it is now that people begin to examine the charitable legacy that it will leave. This blog looks at a campaign that is spreading throughout the globe utilising the momentum of the World Cup for a charitable campaign.

Philanthropist of the month - Charles Saatchi

15th July, 2010 | By Cause4 staff

At the beginning of July Charles Saatchi announced that he would on his retirement donate his gallery in London, no less than 200 works of art worth in excess of £25 million, as a gift to the nation. The gallery, Saatchi has told us, will no longer be known as The Saatchi Gallery but re-named instead The Museum of Contemporary Art. As such, Saatchi’s philanthropic gift is all the more admirable in his modestly not choosing to perpetuate his own name with the new museum whose future is assured through his own personal giving.

So what will the impact of a hung parliament mean for the third sector?

10th July, 2010 | By Cause4 staff

There are many within the charitable sector feeling gloomy about the prospect of a hung parliament. The gloom-mongers predict bad times ahead and, sensing that decision-making will be slow and that policy will take time to emerge, anticipate that statutory funding for the third sector will be much less available. But are they missing the point?

Firstly, regardless of which party or combinations of party had formed or will form a Government,

Can the Big Society learn from Obama?

6th July, 2010 | By Cause4 staff

Much has been made of David Cameron’s big idea, the ‘Big Society. After 13 years of alleged government interference and state control Cameron seeks to create an era in which each of us stands up and helps address society’s problems by focussing upon our own communities.

What future for the Charitable Status of Independent Schools?

5th July, 2010 | By Cause4 staff

It is a widely known fact that independent schools, still referred to in many quarters as ‘public schools’, educate around 7% of pupils within the UK. It is also widely known that the majority, if not all, of these schools hold charitable status on grounds that the law until recently presumed that education was in itself a charitable activity.

What are the philanthropy motivations of billionaires?

4th July, 2010 | By Cause4 staff

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett recently invited the world’s billionaires to give away half their fortunes through an initiative called the Giving Pledge. All those on the Forbes 400 American Rich List have been asked to pledge half their net-worth either straightaway or else at their death. If everyone were to comply, this could raise US$600billion.

Does the current fundraising climate require new talent?

26th June, 2010 | By Cause4 staff

We have been doing a lot of thinking recently about how to attract talent into careers in fundraising and development, and how to best arm people with the tools they need to succeed in delivering real value back to charities and social enterprises.