Growth for good

We support charities large and small become more resilient and increase their income and financial robustness. Our work includes developing fundraising strategies and action plans, supporting with donor development and advising on bid writing and attracting new sources of incomes. We also advise on sponsorship and implementing fundraising communications strategies.


We support organisations to develop their fundraising strategies and consider how best to diversify their income. We can also work alongside teams to provide active fundraising support, ranging from statutory fundraising, to trusts and major donors.

Cost reduction

We recognise that many organisations focus on income generation whilst ignoring spiralling costs. Our new initiative, Cause4 Save, works with organisations to ensure that effective cost strategies work alongside the development of fundraising strategy.


Cause4 has long been concerned about the quality of advice and guidance offered to aspiring philanthropists, which often doesn't allow them to develop their charitable engagement in a professional and sustained way. We specialise in developing creative projects and programmes which are cost effective, high impact and tailored to the expectations of philanthropists.

Our specialist philanthropy service involves offering grant-making and operational services to established Foundations, as well as helping to develop dynamic new projects and partnerships in accordance with the specific ambitions of individual philanthropists. We also help advise on the set up, management and strategic direction of Foundations, as well as brokering partnerships between philanthropists and other charitable initiatives.

Business planning and culture change

We work with organisations to develop their business models, to explore innovation and to ensure that the organisation is developing its culture and people to match new strategies.

Governance review and strategy development

We work with Trustee boards, supporting them to evaluate their performance and to make good decisions about investing in fundraising.

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