Cause4 Makes Pledge for the Young Trustees Movement

15th October, 2019

This month, the Young Trustees Movement launches its campaign to address the severe lack of young people in Trustee positions in the UK.

In line with the goals and values of the campaign Cause4 ihas made the following statement: 

"We pledge to train all staff under 30 to become confident Trustees through the Trustee Leadership Programme, and empower them to find their first position as a Trustee. We will advocate for the Young Trustees Movement and the importance of Trustee diversity within our networks."

To join the movement, make a pledge and recieve meaningful support, go to the Young Trustees Movement website here

“Cause4 has had a transformational effect on the Festival, at the level of innovation in organisational development, as well as in fundraising.”

Chris Martin, Trustee of Salisbury International Festival