New Publication: Fundraising at Times of Crisis

23rd April, 2020

As part of our dedicated programme to help fundraisers navigate this challenging time, Cause4 and Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy are pleased to be able to bring you their latest issue of Now, New and Next. This time, it’s a special issue wholly dedicated to Fundraising at Times of Crisis.

We know that fundraisers are being forced to adapt at an unprecedented rate, so the issue looks at some of the key problems that the arts and charity sectors are facing, and ways to help. The issue has advice for everyone in the sector across the next ten years, as well as specific content for Trustees and boards, running your organisation virtually and donor communication.

You can download Now, New and Next Issue no. 5 from the Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy website here. We hope that it helps to answer some of your most important questions. 

Let us know if you have any queries or further thoughts on the topics raised by getting in touch with us at

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