PRESS RELEASE: Guildhall Creative Entrepreneurs Scheme now open to entrepreneurs across the creative industries

31 March 2016

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Brian writes for Modern Manager: How to decipher the many cloud storage options

7 March 2016

BrianThe cloud can help SMEs, start-ups and charities punch way above their weight; cutting costs, saving time and improving their reach. 

Brian writes an article for CompareTheCloud: For Small Business The Answers In The Cloud

23 February 2016

BrianThe cloud is more than a technical innovation.  It’s a movement.  A democratisation of IT networking that is helping SMEs and start-ups save time, cut costs and improve their flexibility.  But it’s not as simple as it might seem. Choosing to use the cloud as a platform for your business is just the start.  There are many different flavours of cloud technology and just as many partners to advise you

Amanda writes an article for UK Theatre Magazine: Theatre Charities - Out and Proud

22 February 2016

AmandaFor the original article, please visit here.

Michelle writes an article for the Huffington Post: The Gig Economy - A Helpful Spur for Female Entrepreneurs?

16 February 2016

Huffington-PostThis article was originally written by Michelle Wright for The Huffington Post.

There is a new kid on the block in how we think about work - the so-called 'gig economy'.

The Rise of the Young Trustee

8 February 2016

One of the biggest obstacles to a flourishing charitable sector is the lack of fresh leadership talent at the governance level.  For Michelle Wright, founder and CEO of Cause4 the answer is to look beyond the traditional talent pool.

Antehabeo Suscipere Virtus

4 February 2016

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Tips and advice: accounting careers in not-for-profit and charity sectors

1 February 2016

RoseWhat is it like playing a financial role in a charity? As issues of trust and governance rumble through the charity sector, Rosemary Spencer, director of finance & resources at Cause4, considers career skills for accountants looking to move into the not-for-profit sphere.


15 January 2016

~ Cause4 urges people to consider becoming a Charity Trustee in 2016 ~

From Professional Violinist to Social Enterprise Entrepreneur

14 December 2015

CaptureOur latest First Woman of the Month, Michelle Wright, explains how she came up with her idea to disrupt a sector that was in dire need of change after the global recession hit in 2008.

Having trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, it was time spent as development director at the London Symphony Orchestra that provided Wright with insight into what was wrong with the world of fundraising.

Michelle Wright is interviewed by the Nativa World on successful philanthropy

25 November 2015

CaptureHow To Create Successful Philanthropy

Cause4 is an entrepreneur incubator which supports charities, social enterprises and philanthropists and is valued for its successful philanthropy drive which has disrupted the charity sector across the world.

At its helm is the award winning entrepreneur and philanthropist, Michelle Wright.

Michelle writes an article for The Telegraph: How to network, influence people and win new business

27 October 2015

Untitled design (17)This article was originally written by Michelle Wright for The Telegraph.

Michelle writes an article for Heart London Mag: Is it a fear of taking risks that holds back female entrepreneurs?

2 October 2015

This article was originally written for Heart London Magazine by Michelle Wright.

It is well known that women can be less prone to taking risks in business and according to Babson College’s 2012 Global Entrepreneur Monitor; the fear of failure is the main concern of women who set up their own businesses.

Michelle writes an article for Business Zone – Is compassionate leadership now essential for CEOs?

30 September 2015

This article was originally written for Business Zone by Michelle Wright.