PRESS RELEASE: Cause4 Shortlisted for Living Wage Award

5 October 2016

- Cause4 wins recognition at Living Wage Champion Awards 2016 -

LONDON –  4th October 2016: B Corporation and social enterprise Cause4 has been shortlisted by the Living Wage Foundation for the Living Wage Champion Awards 2016 in recognition of its contributions to communities and industries.

As a Living Wage accredited employer, Cause4 is dedicated to ensuring that its people have what they need to make ends meet.

Guildhall Creative Entrepreneurs feature on International Arts Manager

4 October 2016

This article was originally written by Maria Roberts for International Arts Manager.


The Guildhall School of Music & Drama, together with social enterprise Cause4, has announced its first cohort of creative entrepreneurs to be supported to set-up their own businesses or social enterprises and develop their entrepreneurship skills through its Creative Entrepreneurs scheme.

Michelle writes for ArtsProfessional: Organisations with staying power

8 September 2016

As we strive to ensure that our arts organisations have a sustainable future, management teams up and down the country are focusing on income and diversifying business models as key drivers for resilience. Resilience is the buzzword at the moment and was the subject of a session at the Arts Fundraising Summer School at the University of Leeds.

Michelle writes for WeAreTheCity: Mentor Manifesto – How entrepreneurial advice could transform you and your business

25 July 2016

Peer to peer learning is a proven way to inspire business people and equip them with the knowledge to become successful. But it pays to do your research carefully before making the decision to mentor or be mentored – even more so if you are a woman at the helm of a SME.

Michelle writes for Fresh Business Thinking: Entrepreneurship – forget turnover, it’s the feeling that counts

19 July 2016

The key measures for small business success are increased turnover, profits and number of staff. But the further along the road of entrepreneurship I get, it’s how it ‘feels’ that is the truly important benchmark of success for me.

Now there’s a very clichéd statement from a female entrepreneur if ever there was one…but let me explain.

Michelle writes an article for Huffington Post UK: Does Entrepreneurship Need to Get Real?

15 July 2016

There has been such a buzz around entrepreneurship recently. We’ve been told it’s time to celebrate the entrepreneur, to get close to an entrepreneur, or to become one. From Government to the media, the message has been clear; take the plunge and set up a business.

"Meet the Disruptors" - Michelle's interview with YU Energy

24 June 2016

This article was originally written by Michelle Wright for Yu Energy.


It’s my belief that the best innovation works when it fits into a company’s lifecycle. It’s about developing a deep and long-lasting culture and scaling back other operations so teams can embed new processes one by one. It’s really important not to try and change everything all at once because all companies need to go through phases of consolidation as well as of growth.

Georgina Wadham writes an article for HR & Charity News: A Millenial’s Tale: Why I Want to Work for a B Corp

13 June 2016

This article was originally written by Georgina Wadham for HR Charity & News.

Being young is hard.


Michelle writes an article for HR Zone: Young trustees are shaking up the charity sector

26 May 2016

MichelleThis article was originally written by Michelle Wright for the HR Zone.

Trustees are vital to drive and govern any charity. Many Trustees combine their activities with full-time employment but how can that benefit the individual or the organisation they work for?


4 April 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 16.45.21LONDON – 4th April 2016: Cause4, an organisation that champions disruptive philanthropy and new ways of scaling up charities and social enterprises, announced today that it has become a Certified B Corporation, one of only 79 UK businesses to achieve this status.

PRESS RELEASE: Guildhall Creative Entrepreneurs Scheme now open to entrepreneurs across the creative industries

31 March 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 16.45.21                                                                                   Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 16.45.10

Brian writes for Modern Manager: How to decipher the many cloud storage options

7 March 2016

BrianThe cloud can help SMEs, start-ups and charities punch way above their weight; cutting costs, saving time and improving their reach. 

Brian writes an article for CompareTheCloud: For Small Business The Answers In The Cloud

23 February 2016

BrianThe cloud is more than a technical innovation.  It’s a movement.  A democratisation of IT networking that is helping SMEs and start-ups save time, cut costs and improve their flexibility.  But it’s not as simple as it might seem. Choosing to use the cloud as a platform for your business is just the start.  There are many different flavours of cloud technology and just as many partners to advise you