Michelle writes for Digital Charity News: Can charities benefit from ‘sharism’ and retain brand individuality?

22 November 2016

The term ‘sharism’ was first coined by Isaac Mao, Co-Founder and Director of the Social Brain Foundation. Sharism is the term for the collaborative building of value that results from sharing content and ideas. In the essay Sharism: A Mind Revolution, Mao believes that sharism can be practised at any point in time – by simply communicating with others whether its blogging, sharing photos or arranging offline group discussions meetings.

PRESS RELEASE: Cause4 Named a Hot Tech 'Start Up to Scale Up'

16 November 2016

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Michelle writes for The Guardian: Charity cronyism is rife – appointing friends as trustees has to end

8 November 2016

In Trustees’ Week, we in the charity sector need to ask ourselves some difficult questions about how we recruit the people who are responsible for our organisations.

If we are going to prevent further high-profile collapses of charities such as Kids Company and avoid wasting millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money, we urgently need to stamp out poor recruiting practices.

Alex Swallow on Promoting Good Trustee Recruitment - A New Campaign

27 October 2016

Alex SwallowThis article is written by Alex Swallow, Founder of 'Young Charity Trustees' and author of 'How To Become An Influencer'.

Charities affect the lives of millions of people every year- but are facing pressures and challenges as never before. In this environment, for charities to face the future with confidence, being able to bring good trustees onto their Boards is essential.

Michelle writes for Small Business Heroes: It's all about the mentor

27 October 2016

It seems that mentoring has become a new buzzword for entrepreneurs and business leaders.  It was only a few years ago that networking was being held up as the vital activity for business success.  Is mentoring now the must have business ‘accessory’ – and could having the right person to advise you really make a difference?

Women in Business Programme 2017 featured on Startups

26 October 2016

This article was originally written by Henry Williams.

Santander has partnered with social enterpriseCause4 for the launch of its 2017 Breakthrough Women in Business Programme – a scheme to mentor the next generation of UK female entrepreneurs.

The scheme will match 30 female entrepreneurs with female mentors who are already running multi-million pound revenue businesses.

How to control a business meeting: Michelle interviewed for BusinessZone

18 October 2016

This article was originally written by Lucie Mitchell for Businesszone.


PRESS RELEASE: Cause4 Shortlisted for Living Wage Award

5 October 2016

- Cause4 wins recognition at Living Wage Champion Awards 2016 -

LONDON –  4th October 2016: B Corporation and social enterprise Cause4 has been shortlisted by the Living Wage Foundation for the Living Wage Champion Awards 2016 in recognition of its contributions to communities and industries.

As a Living Wage accredited employer, Cause4 is dedicated to ensuring that its people have what they need to make ends meet.

Guildhall Creative Entrepreneurs feature on International Arts Manager

4 October 2016

This article was originally written by Maria Roberts for International Arts Manager.


The Guildhall School of Music & Drama, together with social enterprise Cause4, has announced its first cohort of creative entrepreneurs to be supported to set-up their own businesses or social enterprises and develop their entrepreneurship skills through its Creative Entrepreneurs scheme.

Michelle writes for ArtsProfessional: Organisations with staying power

8 September 2016

As we strive to ensure that our arts organisations have a sustainable future, management teams up and down the country are focusing on income and diversifying business models as key drivers for resilience. Resilience is the buzzword at the moment and was the subject of a session at the Arts Fundraising Summer School at the University of Leeds.

Michelle writes for WeAreTheCity: Mentor Manifesto – How entrepreneurial advice could transform you and your business

25 July 2016

Peer to peer learning is a proven way to inspire business people and equip them with the knowledge to become successful. But it pays to do your research carefully before making the decision to mentor or be mentored – even more so if you are a woman at the helm of a SME.

Michelle writes for Fresh Business Thinking: Entrepreneurship – forget turnover, it’s the feeling that counts

19 July 2016

The key measures for small business success are increased turnover, profits and number of staff. But the further along the road of entrepreneurship I get, it’s how it ‘feels’ that is the truly important benchmark of success for me.

Now there’s a very clichéd statement from a female entrepreneur if ever there was one…but let me explain.

Michelle writes an article for Huffington Post UK: Does Entrepreneurship Need to Get Real?

15 July 2016

There has been such a buzz around entrepreneurship recently. We’ve been told it’s time to celebrate the entrepreneur, to get close to an entrepreneur, or to become one. From Government to the media, the message has been clear; take the plunge and set up a business.