Faith, Hope, Charity and The Digital Age

4 August 2015

This post was originally written for the Digital Marketing Magazine by Brian Moran

A digital strategy is rarely the first thing an entrepreneur thinks about when starting a business. But in the case of charities and social enterprises, a solid online presence could make all the difference to your survival on the global playing field.

Ashamed to Be a Fundraiser - Let's Hold Up a Mirror to the Fundraising Profession

15 July 2015

This article was originally written by Michelle for The Huffington Post.

It has been a rough few weeks for fundraisers and, as we see more scandal and problems come to light, I wonder just where we go from here.

Cause4 celebrates becoming a Living Wage employer

13 July 2015

The Living Wage Foundation is pleased to announce that Cause4 has today received accreditation as a Living Wage employer.

The Living Wage commitment will see Cause4’s graduate employees, third-party contractors and suppliers; receive a minimum hourly wage of £9.15. This London Living Wage is significantly higher than the national minimum wage of £6.50. For employees based outside of London, Cause4 will commit to paying the UK Living Wage, which is currently set at £7.85 per hour.

Cause4 Summer 2015 Newsletter

13 July 2015

We hope that you are enjoying the Summer months.

We're pleased to share our recent news, and some new developments across the charity, social enterprise and philanthropy sectors.

Read about the Close Brothers Trustee Leadership Programme, Arts Fundraising and Philanthriopy's first ever dedicated arts and culture certificate and the Santander Breakthrough Programme in the Summer newsletter.

Is our funding system still fit for purpose?

26 June 2015

As funding for the arts becomes ever more challenging, it seems that we require more and more from our arts leaders. They need to be excellent artistic implementers and curators as well as stellar politicians, fundraisers, marketers and entrepreneurs. Demonstrating an impressive breadth of skills also goes for our arts fundraisers. It is no longer sufficient to have a grounding in trusts, major gifts and corporates – fundraisers also need financial acumen and an understanding of business strategies and social investment. This sort of change management is often led by necessity.

ESA Arts Certificate - Brand new Arts and Culture Course

25 June 2015

The first-ever dedicated arts and culture certificate in sponsorship – The ESA Arts Certificate – has been launched by the European Sponsorship Association (ESA) in partnership with Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy and Cause4.

Cause4 is recruiting for an Arts Fundraising Fellowships Co-ordinator

15 June 2015

The Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy Programme

The Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy Programme delivers an England-wide collaborative series of training, traineeships, coaching, digital skills and innovative practice. The programme seeks to both improve the perceptions of the arts as a charitable cause and looks to enhance fundraising practice within the sector, with a key aim of encouraging leadership and entrepreneurial practice.

Cause4 wins SCOOT’s 2015 National Champion Award

15 May 2015

~ 200% growth and £40 million raised for charities leads to top prize ~

Leading online business directory, SCOOT, awarded social enterprise Cause4 its top award at the 2015 Headline Awards in recognition of its outstanding achievements on behalf of charities, employability and entrepreneurship.

Bad eggs: How SMEs can mitigate the recruitment risk

5 May 2015

This article was originally written by Michelle for WORKlab.

The biggest challenge for any small business owner lies in the area of recruitment, talent and retention. As a growing business without a definitely established brand and without the perks and salary cushion of more established businesses, it can feel like an uphill struggle to recruit the best talent.

Is Authenticity the Key to Responsible Enterprise?

26 March 2015

This blog was originally written for Authenticity Rules

The concept of responsible enterprise and socially-driven enterprise is very much in vogue. We are seeing a definite trend towards more socially-minded small businesses that are getting ahead not only through smart leadership and good products, but because they have been conscious about how they want their brand to be perceived from a social perspective.

The Arts Fundraising Fellowship Programme has been rolled out nationally

24 March 2015

This article originally appeared in the Arts Council England News

The Arts Fundraising Fellowship Programme, the first of its kind in the UK, offers a chance for participants to learn on the job about fundraising in the arts while being supported by a diverse training and learning programme.

Cause4 features in Everline Future 50 and receives the Future 50 Social Impact Award

10 March 2015

Cause4 was recognised yesterday as one of the UK’s most disruptive SMEs at the Everline Future 50 event, held in conjunction with Real Business.

Michelle writes an article for Arts Professional – Attracting a diverse workforce

27 February 2015

At a time when fundraising for the arts seems mostly to be done by white females, Michelle Wright speaks to development professionals about how we can face this diversity crisis.

Michelle Wright features in the Maserati 100 list

23 February 2015

Maserati and the Centre for Global Entrepreneurs announces the Maserati 100 list

Luxury Italian car manufacturer, Maserati, and the Centre for Entrepreneurs (CFE) recently launched a campaign to find 100 of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs who are supporting the next generation of up and coming business talent.