Michelle comments for Gazprom on cost-saving tips to boost business cashflow

9 August 2018

Owners and experts’ cost-saving tips to boost your business’ cashflow
Having a continuous cashflow coursing through the business is essential to sustaining its day-to-day activities, whether you’re a start-up or a globally-renowned business.

Michelle writes for Museums and Heritage

6 August 2018

Funding the Museum: does it matter whose money we take?

The outrage surrounding the Design Museum’s decision to host a private event organised by defence contractor Leonardo as part of the Farnborough Air Show has put its current temporary exhibition Hope to Nope in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. When more than 30 artists and designers demanded their work be removed from display, the sentiment behind Design Museum’s exhibition, which celebrates political protest, seemed hypocritical at best and, to some, an example of exploiting the political zeitgeist without respecting the art itself.

Cause4 is recruiting a Development Coordinator

16 July 2018

 JOB TITLE:                Development Co-ordinator

REPORTING TO:       Development Manager

JOB PURPOSE:          The Development Co-ordinator role is central to Cause4’s entrepreneurial fundraising and development activities on behalf of charities, philanthropists and social enterprises. It supports maximising income from a broad range of fundraising activities for a client portfolio, alongside developing new services and offers and building knowledge and understanding of the sector as a whole.

Cause4 is recruiting a Senior Consultant

16 July 2018

Senior Consultant - Arts, Heritage or Community/Education



Senior Consultant - Arts, Heritage or Community/Education (part-time or full-time options available)




Chief Executive


Trustee Leadership Programme: July 2018 Newsletter

16 July 2018

Welcome to the Trustee Leadership Programme Newsletter. This newsletter gives updates from within the charity sector and our upcoming events, as well as Trustee vacancies  to consider.


You can read the newsletter here.

Michelle writes for TrainingZONE

13 July 2018

Sharism In Learning

Lifelong learning is accepted as a part of personal and professional life. Maybe that’s because technology brings with it such sweeping changes, or fast-paced globalisation means we can’t rely on previous understanding of our industries’ rules and regulations. The availability of easy to access training, much of it free, from sources such as YouTube or open source platforms like MOOCs, means that individuals want immediate, specific answers to develop their skills.

Ed Harvey writes for Third Sector

13 July 2018

In 2015, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation turned to blockchain technology to help the 2.5 billion people worldwide without bank accounts. But what is blockchain, and how are international charities making use of it to improve the livelihood of the those in the less-developed world?

Ed Harvey writes for Sportcal

12 July 2018

Football is home to controversy in all its forms. From headline signings to refereeing decisions to the cost of pies in the ground, the game has a big talking point every week.

A recent controversy came at the hands of Arsenal, who have agreed a deal with the Rwandan Development Board in which ‘Visit Rwanda’ will be featured on the sleeves of their shirts. Under the three-year deal (worth a reported $39 million), Rwanda becomes the club’s ‘official tourism partner’.

Minding our Space - Getting the Environment Right for Innovation

2 July 2018

9e276748-d275-4a03-a15e-856ade11eebcThis week, Cause4 moves into new premises, a Mindspace shared office in the heart of the City of London. For us, it’s more than an office move, it’s the end result of an exploration into how our company wants to operate, where we get our inspiration from and how we think the future is going to unfold.

Cause4 Summer Newsletter

2 July 2018

As we enjoy the summer sunshine, we are delighted to share our Summer Newsletter with you, with some of our highlights over the last few months, and news of what to look out for.

Read it online here!

David writes for Small Business Heroes

29 May 2018

Deciding on what to charge a customer can be a dilemma for a small business when they are struggling to balance what they think the market can bear with what they need to turn a profit. David Johnson is Head of Programme at Cause4, and advises small businesses and charities on strategies for growth.  He feels that the real magic is in the margins.

Trustee Leadership Programme Newsletter: May 2018

25 May 2018

Welcome to the Trustee Leadership Programme Newsletter! This newsletter gives updates from within the charity sector and our upcoming events.

Ed wins Third Sector Fundraisers: The New Generation Award

23 May 2018

Harvey_2X9A0391 copy 2
Our very own Development Coordinator Ed Harvey has impressed an expert panel of judges to win Third Sector's Fundraisers: The New Generation Award.

Ed's achievement is outlined on Third Sector's website, which details:

Michelle writes for ArtsProfessional on Ethical Fundraising

30 April 2018

How bad is bad?

Are problems of ethics in danger of making the arts unfundable? Michelle Wright addresses some uncomfortable questions.

Tensions are running high and there is a high degree of nervousness from artists, employees and trustees alike about what’s appropriate when soliciting funding.

Michelle Comments on the Gig Economy for The Independent

23 April 2018

Are you being ripped off by the gig economy?

Less work security used to mean higher pay. Not any more. (By Felicity Hannah)

Almost three million people have worked in the gig economy in the last 12 months, according to official figures, where, traditionally, there has been a trade off.