Michelle writes for The Association of MBAs

30 August 2017

Five Mindful Cost Cutting Tips to Help Cultivate Small Businesses

Trustee Leadership Programme Newsletter: August 2017

25 August 2017

Welcome to the Trustee Leadership Programme Newsletter! This newsletter gives updates from within the charity sector and our upcoming events.

Michelle Writes for BusinessZone about mentoring

21 August 2017

There are many schemes offering business mentoring for new enterprises. It seems that mentoring is the new buzzword and that everyone wants to be a mentor – but is it as easy as it seems?

I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in setting up a programme for Santander Breakthrough in relation to mentoring female business leaders. I jumped at the chance, as often I find that female entrepreneurs can lack confidence in venturing out into entrepreneurship, seeing the risks as too high. The huge difference in this programme was that it was to be run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Michelle speaks with Natwest ContentLive

21 July 2017

Being in business doesn’t mean you can’t play to your moral strengths. Meet the women who have turned their values into profitable enterprises.

Social enterprises are businesses set up to do good in the world. But, unlike charities, they can also make a commercial profit. Some 40% of UK social enterprises are led by women, and twice as many women are running social enterprises than leading conventional small businesses. We met some of them.

Playing a different tune

Michelle writes for Arts Professional about the appeals of online learning for arts workers

21 July 2017

We know that there isn’t always a strong commitment to training and development in the arts. It can be difficult to take time out of the office, secure adequate budgets and assess whether a training course will provide enough value in the here and now.

Micro-learning is ideal for distracted or busy professional learners, or for the under-pressure arts leader juggling multiple priorities

Michelle writes for the Huffington Post

20 July 2017

The news stories around disruptive tech companies and bogus self-employment are one side of the Gig Economy story. But beyond the cabs and couriers, flexibility is becoming the preferred working model for employees and entrepreneurs alike.

Every job, to some extent - even the apocryphal 40 years of service ending in cake and a gold-plated watch - is a gig. The word ‘gig’ started out, in 1920s jazz parlance, as a truncation of ‘engagement’.

Trustee Leadership Programme Newsletter

14 July 2017

Welcome to the Trustee Leadership Programme Newsletter! This newsletter gives updates from within the charity sector and our upcoming events.

Michelle writes for Charity Digital News

7 July 2017

The impact of austerity measures and Brexit, has driven many charities to the brink and placed their fundraisers under extreme pressure to find the money that they need to survive. But the pressure shouldn’t all be placed on one group of people. It should be a task that goes charity-wide, with all members of the team taking an ‘entrepreneurial’ approach to securing donations and generating revenue.

Michelle talks to The Guardian about apps changing the way charities are fundraising

29 June 2017

The adoption of digital technology in the charity fundraising sector is still in its infancy, with even the bigger organisations only at the start of their journey.

Michelle talks to ContentLive about what it means to disrupt an industry

26 June 2017

More women than ever are launching their own companies and rewriting the rules of doing business. We spoke to three founders about the challenges female entrepreneurs face, and what it means to disrupt an industry.

Think of an entrepreneur, any entrepreneur. Who comes to mind? It might be renewable energy tycoon and aspiring space pioneer Elon Musk, Virgin Group mogul Richard Branson or Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Trustee Leadership Programme Newsletter 

15 June 2017

Welcome to our first Trustee Leadership Programme Newsletter! We plan to communicate with our Trustee Leadership Programme alumni and those interested in the programme once a month via this short newsletter that will include updates, course details and Trustee opportunities that we hope you might be interested in.


Michelle Writes for Adiona: Why Mastering the Art of Cutting Costs Could Save Your Business

14 June 2017

The pressure on business leaders to bring in revenue can keep them up at night. Whether it’s hunting for new market opportunities, trying to upsell to existing clients or pounding the phones to cold leads, it can feel that the only way to succeed is to generate a constant flow of incoming cash. But are many companies giving as much attention to reducing their spending?

Michelle Writes for First Women: Gig Approach to Work Offers Freedom to Explore Entrepreneurial Opportunities

13 June 2017

For those working in the gig economy, it is an opportunity to trial a new business idea, while still continuing paid work.

A freelance lifestyle is nothing new but there has been such a fundamental change in how many people are working that a new term, the ‘gig economy’, has been coined to match.

The gig economy takes its inspiration from the working lives of performing artists who usually move from one short-term paid job to another, gigging as they build their reputation and their careers.

Michelle Writes for Just Entrepreneurs: Imaginative Cost-Cutting is Key for SMEs

12 June 2017

Brexit negotiations and the snap election have sent the economy spinning and SMEs can be vulnerable at a time of uncertainty.  Clients can slow down their decision-making and new business cycles can take longer. The urgency to bring in new revenue is something that most entrepreneurs will recognise, however, there’s only so much pushing that can be done.  Many companies don’t give as much attention or effort to reducing their spending when in fact this could help sustain their business longer term.

Cause4 Summer 2017 Newsletter

6 June 2017

We hope that you enjoyed the final May bank holiday and are looking forward to lots of interesting developments in charity, philanthropy and social enterprise development over the summer months!

We are happy to share our Summer Newsletter with you, with some of our news highlights from the last few months.