Michelle Comments for Elite Business

18 January 2018

How to Make Sure Your Startup Keeps Innovating 

This Elite Business article shares ideas on how to avoid becoming a one-hit wonder through a culture of innovation.

One of the suggestions comes from Cause4's CEO, Michelle Wright, who adds:

Michelle comments for Natwest Content Live

2 January 2018

Management strategies: surviving the early years

In this article, Natwest Content Live discusses ways to survive the first years of starting your own business.

'Around half of all UK start-ups fail in the first five years, while 64% are hit with unexpected costs in the first year alone. We look at ways that businesses can survive the early years and carefully manage surprise costs.'

Amongst the suggestions is one idea from Cause4's CEO, Michelle Wright:

Theatres to receive training on staging controversial work

19 December 2017

Press Release: Digital Theatre

Theatres creating potentially controversial work can now receive training on how to handle sensitive subjects, as part of a new scheme from the Index on Censorship.

Funded by Arts Council England and created in partnership with arts advocacy group What Next? and social enterprise Cause4, the support scheme is aimed at chief executives and chairs of arts organisations to ensure they can appropriately handle difficult subjects.

Michelle writes for Minutehack

12 December 2017

How Becoming A Charity Trustee Can Boost Your Career

One in four of the UK’s smaller charities – and one in five larger charities – are struggling to survive.  They need the experience and support of capable, well-connected people who can help guide the work they do and the strategies they adopt.

Cause4 Winter Newsletter

12 December 2017

As the year draws to a close, we are delighted to share our Winter Newsletter with you, with some of our highlights of the year, and news of what to look out for in 2018.

Michelle Comments for Just Average Jen

6 December 2017

Easy Ways to Help Charities this Christmas

In this blog, Just Jen gives her ideas for 24 ways to help charities this Christmas without breaking the bank.

Amongst her brilliant suggestions is one idea from Cause4's CEO, Michelle Wright.

Sparing your time

Michelle writes for NatWest Content Live

6 December 2017

How to hire your first management team

As your business expands, you may need additional help to ensure your company remains profitable.

Owner-managers are notorious for failing to recognise the limitation of their own skills and being able to step back from their business's daily operations.

Risks, Rights and Reputations - challenging a risk averse culture

30 November 2017

Risks, Rights and Reputations is led by Index on Censorship in partnership with What Next? and Cause4.


This vital half day training for CEOs and Chairs of Trustees supports arts and cultural organisations to handle difficult subjects and sensitive stories to deliver the best work possible.

Michelle writes for HR News

16 November 2017

Becoming a Charity Trustee - for everyone's benefit

Emily writes for FemaleFirst

3 November 2017

Are You An Imposter? Why So Many Struggle With Self-Belief

70% of people have experienced feelings of being a fraud at work.

Michelle speaks to Gazprom Energy about the Importance of Mentoring

30 October 2017

To mark National Mentoring Day, our founder and CEO, Michelle Wright, took time to talk to leading business energy supplier, Gazprom Energy, about the important role mentors can play in the growth and development of small businesses.

As part of a panel of industry experts, mentors and mentees, Michelle detailed how matching the right mentor to the right business could offer a multitude of benefits. Michelle went on to discuss some of the schemes which help match the two parties in the mentoring relationship.

Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy is Recruiting

26 October 2017

Head of Programme, Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy (AFP)

The Head of Programme will work closely with Cause4’s CEO, who is also Programme Director for the AFP Programme, to deliver the aims and objectives of the Programme as AFP is to become a National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) and Sector Support Organisation (SSO) from April 2018 – 2022.

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13 October 2017

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Michelle speaks with MissionBox

27 September 2017

Six Ways to Attract Donations From People Who Don't Carry Cash 

How can you make sure you're not missing out on donations? 

Emerging Chairs - A new programme to support those taking on charity leadership roles!

21 September 2017

The acclaimed Trustee Leadership Programme is now launching an enriching career development opportunity offered over three sessions to cover the key considerations and skills needed when chairing a Board of Trustees.

Too often Trustees find themselves chairing a Board with the ultimate responsibility for the charity’s success and sustainability but with little support or training. Just as with any organisation, the buck stops with its leadership and Chairs of charities need to feel empowered to know what is expected of them and to increase their support network.