Peter Sowerby Foundation - Health Breakthrough Fund

Open Call: Health Breakthrough Fund

The Peter Sowerby Foundation was established in 2011, to direct the personal wealth of Dr Peter Sowerby as grants to organisations that meet the charitable objectives of Dr Peter Sowerby and his late wife, Ann. The Peter Sowerby Foundation has three areas of interest to award grants:

  • Medical research and healthcare provision
  • Education
  • Community and environment 


Open Call: Health Breakthrough Fund

In 2019, the Peter Sowerby Foundation is issuing an open call to source a suitable project for up to £2m of funding as part of its Health Breakthrough funding strand. This strand prioritises projects in the following categories:

  • Primary medical care and research into technologies that improve the delivery of primary care;
  • Research undertaken by GPs;
  • Innovation and technology to improve primary care, particularly in rural communities;
  • Terminal care and support for those suffering terminal illnesses and research into improving delivery of care.


The Foundation is seeking projects with the following characteristics and potential

  • Likely to be at an early - if not preliminary - stage of development
  • Highly innovative
  • Potentially high risk
  • Complex and/or technical
  • Run by high calibre professionals with compelling track records in this or related fields
  • Well supervised and resourced projects (potentially through additional input by the Foundation)
  • High impact, transformative in improving the quality of healthcare if proven and scaled.

The Foundation is aiming to make one major grant in its first Open Call.  

Our grant criteria can be found here >

    Questions and Queries

    The Application Procedure can be downloaded below. The Peter Sowerby Foundation is unable to discuss applications before submission. However, it will respond to questions and queries to provide clarity to the criteria above.

    If you have any questions or queries, please email  by 28th February 2019 and The Foundation will respond in due course. 

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