Nye Greenfield

Development Associate

Nye joined Cause4 in August 2019 as a Development Intern, following his recent graduation from the University of Liverpool, where he gained a BA Hons. in International Politics and Policy and Business.

Nye’s strong passion for sport has enabled him to gain experience in the charity sector, such as through his involvement in the Sports Leaders’ Award, which concerned the delivery of sports sessions to young, disabled children. He has also participated in educational programmes through the Holocaust Educational Trust, which involved a visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau and subsequent presentations about his experience to fellow students.

Having witnessed first-hand the positive effects which participation in sport produces, such as greater community engagement, Nye’s interest lies in how sport can further be used as a vehicle for development. Moreover, from his studies, Nye has developed a curiosity toward strategy and development, and is eager to learn how these concepts may be applied in the charitable sector.




Posts by Nye Greenfield

The Royal National Institute of Blind People – What can we take from the Pears Centre investigation?

13th July, 2020 | By Nye Greenfield

With the recent release of the Charity Commission investigation into the Royal National Institute of Blind People, there are a number of key lessons which charities of all sizes can take from this case.

Developing a Strong Case for Support – Improve the Efficacy of your Fundraising

28th May, 2020 | By Nye Greenfield

The Case for Support is one of the most important documents for your organisation's fundraising activities. Here a number of tips for creating a document that grabs the attention of funders.

Common Goal - The 1% are giving 1%.

24th September, 2019 | By Nye Greenfield

Common Goal is an initiative which redistributes footballers' wages to enhance social development. But how does it work? Who supports it? And is it having a real impact?