Emily Clarke

Development Coordinator


Emily is a Development Coordinator at Cause4, having joined as an Associate in 2017 after completing her BA in French and Spanish at UCL.

Emily’s experience in the charity sector includes writing successful bid proposals, complex research, supporting the strategic development of clients and programme management. Emily has strong expertise across a variety of fundraising specialisms and has leveraged thousands of pounds of funding for a number of clients. Emily has also played a key role in leveraging income from funding sources including major donors and corporate partners, and is now working on a project alongside some of London’s top business leaders, bringing them together to spearhead philanthropy in the City. 

Prior to joining Cause4, Emily worked in charities and NGOs in the UK and internationally, such as in Kenya and Peru, with a particular interest women's issues, social mobility and international development. Passionate about social change, Emily is a keen writer and campaigner on issues such as the refugee crisis and the environment.

Emily also enjoys the arts and photography.



Posts by Emily Clarke

The Charity Digital Code of Practice – Helping charities join the Fourth Industrial Revolution

30th November, 2018 | By Emily Clarke

The first digital code of practice for charities launched this month – a brand new resource for our sector to improve our tech skills and increase the use of digital in our organisations. With rapid advances in technology worldwide, what is becoming known as the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ is sweeping the globe – but charities are struggling to keep up.

Grenfell: A Monument to Injustice, A Symbol of Human Solidarity

14th June, 2018 | By Emily Clarke

Remembering the charities that support our emergency services

On the 14th June 2017, London awoke to see a billowing cloud of smoke rising into the morning sky. As the news of the 129-home tower block’s fire swept across the world, the scale of the tragedy slowly emerged: 72 men, women and very young children perished in Grenfell’s burning prison – the deadliest fire in the UK on record.

Cause4 Team’s Response to Oxfam Scandal

14th February, 2018 | By Emily Clarke

It’s a scandal fit for our times. After Weinstein, Westminster, and the Presidents Club, the fact that senior aid workers for Oxfam in Haiti and Chad perpetrated abuse against vulnerable women is yet another example of privileged men using their power to exploit those who are dependent on their work.

100 Years Later: A Celebration of Inspiring Women

9th February, 2018 | By Emily Clarke

‘Once they are determined, nothing on earth and nothing in heaven will make women give way; it is impossible’ – Emmeline Pankhurst

One hundred years ago, in a country ravaged by the First World War, a reformation began. On the 6th February 1918, after a campaign spanning 85 years, women over 30 were included on the UK electorate for the first time – beginning a century of increasing gender equality, from the Abortion Law Reform Bill, to The Equal Pay and Sex Discrimination Acts.

No Place Like Home: how to help those who have fled theirs

19th December, 2017 | By Emily Clarke


‘When there is nowhere to go, nowhere is home’ – Human Flow

Bah Humbug! Why helping the homeless is for life, not just for Christmas

6th December, 2017 | By Emily Clarke

With a chill in the air, and frost biting at our toes, the festive season is fast approaching – and alongside it, woolly jumpers, warm mulled wine, and increased charitable giving.