Giving Tuesday Campaign Round-Up

30 November 2021 | By Naomi Chapman

Giving Tuesday is an international day of giving, where charities, individuals and businesses across the globe get involved in supporting good causes. 

On Giving Tuesday in 2020, over £20.2million was raised for good causes, with over £14,000 donated every minute – breaking the global record for the most money raised online in 24 hours! This year, the Cause4 team has decided to round-up some of the most innovative campaigns we have found that are being launched on Giving Tuesday 2021. 

  • Meta – the newly named parent company from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is going big for Giving Tuesday perhaps to offset global criticism following whistleblowing. Meta will match $8m USD of qualifying charitable donations made on Facebook during Giving Tuesday. Other initiatives include bringing together seven creator fundraisers valued at $50,000 each through Giving Tuesday to celebrate Instagram’s 11th birthday. And in a large-scale gaming tournament – games developers will take part in a tournament on Facebook Gaming to raise charitable funds for Giving Tuesday.
  • Action Aid – Giving Tuesday was launched as a charitable counterpart to the commercialism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so it’s great that Action Aid’s Giving Tuesday campaign brings together philanthropic ways of supporting the charity with tangible “Gifts in Action” – practical gifts such as School Uniform, Blankets and a Piglet that can be sent to beneficiaries. While GivingTuesday brings in a significant amount of donations to the sector, it is still less well known than its commercial counterparts, and so campaigns and messaging that directly link the action of buying an item for oneself with the action of giving something to another should be encouraged and celebrated.
  • The Royal Ballet School – Funds raised on GivingTuesday will be matched to support the Healthy Dancer Programme at the Royal Ballet School. A programme that aims to: Empower students to look after their health and wellbeing as artistic athletes; Support mental health with an emphasis on performance psychology; Provide holistic healthcare alongside artistic teaching staff to create healthy strong and resilient young dancers. Graduates are becoming increasingly informed about their own bodies and healthcare needs and are supported through injury through a rehabilitation process to regain their physical strength safely. The impact of the Programme is inspiring, providing students with the confidence to navigate their own pathways and overcome challenges to achieve success, both within and beyond the world of ballet performance! 
  • Like Meta, The LaunchGood Giving Fund is another example of a Giving Tuesday campaign where a platform is driving broader fundraising campaigns to their site to support them to grow. LaunchGood is the world’s largest Muslim crowdfunding platform, supporting the culture of philanthropy within the Muslim community. This Giving Tuesday, they are fundraising specifically to feed these funds back into the wider community on the platform. On the day they’ll be giving away all the money raised (more than $100,000 throughout the day) in additional prize-funding to support successful campaigns. This includes prizes of up to $20,000 for the most supported campaigns as well as wildcard opportunities, motivating both supporters to donate and others to fundraise with them! 
  • Lepra - the UK-based charity which supports people with leprosy in India, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, will be running Giving Shoesday again this year to mark Giving Tuesday. The campaign has seen a wide range of celebrities including Dame Judi Dench, Joanna Lumley, and Sir Tony Robinson, donate their shoes for a novel charity auction. The auction will raise money for the charity, as well shining a light on the amazing work specialist shoe technicians do to transform the lives of people with leprosy. The online auction with start at 12pm on Giving Tuesday and runs until 12th December. The auction house has waived their selling fee, meaning that 100% of the sale price of each pair of shows will go to Lepra.

What campaigns have you seen that you think are worth a share? Join the conversation @OfficialCause4


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