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How can we better support families setting up charities ‘in memoriam’

20th February, 2019 | By Tom Hoyle

For four years a discussion paper has circulated within Cause4 that grapples with how best to serve charities forged in tragedy. We’ve publishing a distilled version of this analysis to shed light on a collection of charities (who are strangers to each other) which we consider rather special for society for their compelling messages but also their extra vulnerability. 


Looking Ahead: Cause4’s predictions for the charitable sector in 2019

14th December, 2018 | By Cause4 staff

2018 has been filled with some exciting developments as well as major challenges for the UK charitable sector. As the year comes to a close, the Cause4 team is looking to the future with their predictions for 2019.

A shining example from football

11th August, 2010 | By Cause4 staff

Manchester United FC are giving fans the opportunity to watch the likes of Wayne Rooney take part in an open training session at Old Trafford to raise funds for the Manchester United Foundation’s work in the local community. Tickets sold to the public will not only allow fans to walk onto the hallowed turf of Old Trafford and watch their heroes show off their skills but they will also give access to a host of other activities and entertainment.

Giving for all

11th August, 2010 | By Cause4 staff

Recently much has been written about high level donors. Fuelled by stories of ‘The Giving Pledge’, more modest levels of giving have been overlooked. However, ignoring smaller donors, Cause4 suggests, is an oversight. Latest figures from the Disaster and Emergencies Committee Pakistan Floods Appeal confirm that over £6m has been raised. Most of this has come from modest individual donations.

The Giving Pledge

10th August, 2010 | By Cause4 staff

In previous Cause4 post we have made reference to the The Giving Pledge launched by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. It was launched ‘to encourage billionaires and other wealthy people to make a moral commitment to supporting philanthropic causes and charities’. Last week it was announced that over 40 American billionaires by way of response had pledged to donate half their fortunes to charity. We are bound to wonder whether something similar could ever happen in the UK.

More for Less?

6th August, 2010 | By Cause4 staff

Last week Nick Hurd and Francis Maud published an open letter to the Third Sector asking for ideas about reducing the deficit. Nick Hurd explained, ‘We want to identify ways of doing things better and more efficiently.’ With funding cuts more apparent by the day, the most pertinent question for charities is how they can do ‘more for less.’

To be clear, doing ‘more for less’ does not mean increasing activity. Instead, it is about being smarter, producing better - not necessarily numerically greater - outcomes with reduced funding.

Making the case

4th August, 2010 | By Cause4 staff

Recent rhetoric from the art world clearly outlines the disappointment felt by organisations facing budgets cut of 25% to 40%. This could mean that funding to 200 out of 880 Regularly Funded Organisations (RFOs) will be stopped altogether.

The power of the press

31st July, 2010 | By Cause4 staff

Two weeks in and the Evening Standard Fund for The Dispossessed to fight poverty in London is flying. In making a donation of £100,000 donation, Pierre Lagrange, head of a substantial hedge fund, explained yesterday, ‘It was important for me that we do something about the less privileged who can be living next door to us, that we don't sweep them under the carpet and forget about them.’

To merge or not to merge?

28th July, 2010 | By Cause4 staff

Last week Westminster and Hammersmith and Fulham Councils released plans to merge their education departments in ‘what they admit is a high-risk attempt to shave millions from their budgets.’ It is a move which has been welcomed by Eric Pickles, the Government’s Community Secretary and new co-chair of the Big Society Ministerial Group. It also has interesting relevance perhaps for charities.

Civil servants for civil society?

25th July, 2010 | By Cause4 staff

This week Greg Clark, Decentralisation Minister, (is this title something of a contradiction?) put forward plans to offer community groups the support of senior civil servants to help them in their discussions with local authorities over support for grassroots projects. The move is part of the wider ‘Big Society’ plan to enable communities to “shape them(selves) in their own vision”.

Change for the Better?

25th July, 2010 | By Cause4 staff

The Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, has recently axed the £75m budget provided by the government for the marketing of the Change4Life campaign, launched last year to tackle obesity by encouraging health through sport. In doing this, he has encouraged the corporate sector to take a lead in bridging the gap.

Crowdsourcing - the power of multiple individuals

21st July, 2010 | By Cause4 staff

Since the phrase was coined in 2006, Crowdsourcing has risen in popularity. It is the trend of leveraging the mass collaboration enabled by Web 2.0 technologies to achieve organisational goals, made famous in the charitable sector by JP Morgan Chase. Their campaign Chase Community Giving utilised over 2 million people on Facebook to get directly involved in the promotion of the campaign and even allowed users to act as Trustees helping to decide where funds were allocated.