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Pick of the Month - February 2021

2nd February, 2021 | By Edward Drew

As we refocus and rebuild from 2020, we spoke to four people who are shaping the sector. From a Charity Leader who is connecting asylum seekers and English language volunteers, to a Trustee leading a student union through Covid-19.  

Charity Commission Chair weighs in on the ethics of charitable donations

17th November, 2023 | By Rebecca Ward

Many will have seen the article published by the Guardian on the 9th November, in which the current Chair of the Charity Commission weighs in on the debate regarding the ethics of accepting or refusing charitable donations. The article recalls how he recently challenged trustees who may be refusing charitable donations on the basis that their own “personal worldviews or preferences” are incompatible with those of the donor – be the donor a corporation, wealthy philanthropist, or trust. The comments are a warning to trustees that, if they are rejecting donations, they must have a very good reason for doing so.

Pick of the Month – May 2023

3rd May, 2023 | By Lucy Pratt

We're back with our next Pick of the Month! This time, with an all female line up. Our picks are a creative bunch, with practitioners in dance and pottery alongside staff and trustees in theatre and education. Read on to learn more about the challenges and successes each indivdiual has experienced in the sector.

Pick of the Month – April 2023

31st March, 2023 | By Lucy Pratt

With April’s arrival, we’re back with another four individuals who are doing great work across charity, social entrepreneurship and trusteeship. In this Pick of the Month, you’ll read about individuals working across the theatre, community education and sport sectors. There’s a real range of perspectives this month – lots to consider as we bounce into springtime!

Insight from Leaders | International Leadership Week 2023

15th March, 2023 | By Lucy Pratt

At Cause4, our Trustee Leadership Programme has allowed us to connect with and guide some brilliant leaders over the years; this work has been a consistent reminder of the energised, ambitious minds that continue to evolve leadership practice. As part of International Leadership Week 2023, we’ve collated advice, learnings and other musings from some of these individuals, who each have a distinct experience of leadership. 

Pick of the Month – March 2023

1st March, 2023 | By Lucy Pratt

With February passing as swift as ever, we're back with March's Pick of the Month. This month features a Trustee from one of the country's leading Cancer charities, an entrepreuner finding innovative ways to engage with disdavantaged communities, a charity leader building vital skills for employability for individuals across Leeds and, finally, a Senior Fellow with diverse experience across the arts now working to support cultural output in Margate, Kent. They each have something distinct to say, but they share the same innovative and enthusiastic spirit. Do read on!

Pick of the Month – February 2023

1st February, 2023 | By Lucy Pratt

February's Pick of the Month is really diverse – from a social entrpreneur in green tech to trustees empowering individual autonomy. Our Senior Fellow talks about theatre and its emegrance post-COVID, and we hear from a charity leader who has made (and is making!) brilliant change in the environment sector. There's lots to be inspired by here, so do read through this month's picks!

Charities Act 2022: Guidance for trustees

9th December, 2022 | By Rebecca Ward

On 24th February 2022, the new Charities Act 2022 officially received Royal Ascent and passed through government. The Act will provide charities with an update on their legal obligations, making amendments to the previous Charities Act 2011. With new legislation comes a new level of responsibility for trustees and charities. Bearing this in mind, we have collated some of the key guidance out there for trustees in a helpful FAQs format.

A New Era of ESG: Reflecting on the Patagonia Founder’s recent decision

27th September, 2022 | By Rebecca Ward

On 14th September of this year, Patagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard announced that he was giving away the $3bn company to a charitable trust (the Patagonia Purpose Trust) and environmental non-profit (the Holdfast Collective). In light of this news, the Cause4 team has chosen to reflect on the changing nature of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practice and how this impacts the charity sector. 

Her Majesty the Queen: A life of service to charity

13th September, 2022 | By Rebecca Ward

As we mourn the loss of Her Majesty the Queen, the Cause4 team has taken some time to reflect on the Queen’s contribution to charities.

Increasing Board Diversity: Three reasons why it’s important

31st August, 2022 | By Emma Cook

Having a diverse board of trustees is becoming increasingly important for organisations. Here, we explore what diversity means for a board, and why it is something all boards need to be thinking about.

Small Charities We Love #SmallCharityWeek

20th June, 2022 | By Rebecca Ward

Small Charity Week celebrates and raises awareness of the essential work of the UK’s small charity sector, which makes an invaluable contribution to the lives of millions of individuals, communities and causes across the UK and the rest of the world. In honour of #SmallCharityWeek, we have chosen to highlight a few examples of small charities doing excellent work across the UK, focusing on the themes of diversity, Covid-19, digital, and young people.    

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