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Green is the New Black: the Rising Tide of Climate-Consciousness

11th January, 2019 | By Emily Clarke

It’s an arresting sight: huge chunks of arctic ice stood melting into the polluted streets of Central London; disintegrating into the chill winter air.

Innovation in Fundraising – A Cause4 Glance at our Favourite Innovations

19th October, 2018 | By Cause4 staff






Grand Slam in Philanthropy from Roger Federer

14th July, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

Superstar tennis player Roger Federer has announced that he is planning to launch a major educational project in Malawi through the Roger Federer Foundation.

The 16-time Grand Slam champion is planning a $3.3 million school project to support 54,000 Malawian children in school over the next 10 years in partnership with the Malawi branch of Action Aid.

Social Enterprises set to continue growing...

12th July, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

In June 2010 the RBS SE100 Data Report was launched to reveal, for the first time, results tracking the growth of social enterprises in the UK.

Can UK philanthropists follow suit?

11th July, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

Sir Terence Conran – philanthropist of the month

8th July, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

Endowments – A Legacy for the Future?

7th July, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

London 2012 sponsors – what’s the legacy?

23rd June, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

With London 2012 just a year away the country, if not the world, is getting pretty excited about sport.

Exclusive interview with Thomas Hughes-Hallett, Chairman of The Philanthropy Review

21st June, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

Today sees the launch of the Philanthropy Review and as part of its build up Cause4Opinion was granted an exclusive interview with its Chairman

Further reaction from our Philanthropy Event

20th June, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

The second in a series of interviews from leading figures attending our Philanthropy Event.

Social Enterprises – the growth quandary

16th June, 2011 | By Cause4 staff

In February 2011 Government launched Growing the Social Investment Market: A vision and strategy - a six-point framework starting with ‘enabling’ actions and leading to more direct intervention including consideration of tax incentives to encourage social investment. It is clearly positive to encourage a thriving social investment market where social ventures can find access to the capital they need to grow, together with a strategy to make it happen.