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Cause4's Pick of the Month - August 2019

1st August, 2019 | By Cause4 staff

It's a new month and the Cause4 team are excited to introduce another four inspiring individuals that are guiding the way in charity leadership, social entrepreneurship, Trusteeship and Arts Fundraising. Read on to meet our pick of the month for August. 

Looking Ahead: Cause4’s predictions for the charitable sector in 2019

14th December, 2018 | By Cause4 staff

2018 has been filled with some exciting developments as well as major challenges for the UK charitable sector. As the year comes to a close, the Cause4 team is looking to the future with their predictions for 2019.

An Evening with Paul Amadi

7th March, 2016 | By Cause4 staff

Last month, Cause4 was delighted to welcome Paul Amadi to its offices as part of ‘An Evening With’, a series of monthly talks by professionals and leaders in the charitable sector.

Fundraising in the Arts: What Now and Next

4th March, 2016 | By Cause4 staff

logo.7db99cYoung People in the Arts in partnership with the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy Programme

An Introduction to Prospect Research

3rd March, 2016 | By Cause4 staff

Prospect Research is a vital support function to your Fundraising efforts. Not only can it identify new supporters to your organisation, it ensures that you are pitching an appropriate ask and saves time chasing those without the inclination, or capacity to give. Here are my top tips for starting with prospect research:


Cutting back on creativity?

2nd March, 2016 | By Cause4 staff

Cardiff Council announced proposed funding cuts of £700,000 to the arts and culture budget late last year. This was met, unsurprisingly, with a vociferous campaign from the cultural community; an online petition amassed 6,000 signatories and was presented at City Hall during a mock funeral procession for Art. Alongside a daily poster design by artists responding to the prospect of Cardiff Without Culture (also the campaign name), it was a clear response to the cuts.

5 Tips to Improve Your Chances of Fundraising Success

25th February, 2016 | By Cause4 staff

AmandaFundraising is a long game – quick wins and unexpected opportunities come on the back of long term planning and work. However, non-for-profit organisations’ staff and Trustees can often miss out on implementing some of the most basic ways of communicating with their public and improving their chances of fundraising success.

Here are my tips for an early fundraising spring clean:


Mass Participation Fundraising Events

23rd February, 2016 | By Cause4 staff

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Running a Tough Mudder or even walking around London dressed as a penguin are all events where you can raise money for your favourite charities - but how effective are they really for fundraising? And what risks are the charities taking in putting on these events?

Growing with events: 3 tips for small charities and businesses

19th February, 2016 | By Cause4 staff

I recently attended one of Eventbrite’s panel discussions, “Lead Generation in Real Life: A Practical Guide to Building Your Business with Events”.

A quick show of hands revealed that most people there were small business owners. It was great to see so many and such a diverse crowd.

Here are my top three takeaways for small charities and businesses.


1. Events are still essential, even in a digital world.

Artistic Excellence – What’s the Point?

16th February, 2016 | By Cause4 staff

I studied Drama and English Literature, so I’ve seen a lot of Shakespeare. Some of it was brilliant. Some was terrible. More interestingly, some was brilliant artistically but wasn’t telling me anything new, and I left feeling the same as I had three hours earlier.

The Funny Side of Fundraising

15th February, 2016 | By Cause4 staff

Sanpreet-JanjuaHow comedians use relationship fundraising to bring their own art to the stage.

The age of the internet means that all sorts of content is readily available for free. Our favourite news and blogs sites come ready armed with donate buttons.

What next for the Creative Case?

12th February, 2016 | By Cause4 staff

2016 marks the fifth birthday of Arts Council England’s Creative Case for Diversity. It was first launched in September 2011, born from the 2010 Equality Act that made the moral case for diversity. ACE was then making the creative case for diversity and how it is the pinnacle of their mission, “Great art and culture for everyone”.